About us


Build a vibrant Organization to serve the marginalised Brahmin Community members in AP by providing financial, intellectual and physical resources for their overall development which includes Education, Skill Building, Entrepreneurship, Welfare and Cultural life on a sustainable basis in a selfless and inspirational manner and also inculcate a sense of belonging to the community for improving cohesiveness, morale and pride.


Big Thinking, Resource Leveraging, Attitude (+ve), Hard Work, Modesty, Integrity and Neo Thinking


  • Social
  • o Education

    o Shelter

    o Food clothing

    o Health

  • Economical
  • o Entrepreneurship

    o Leadership

    o Business Management Capabilities

    o Skill Building for Wage Employment

  • Cultural
  • o Undertake cultural and spiritual activities to instil

    o values among Brahmin youth separately and also

    o in collaboration with Endowments Dept.